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The Open Minds - A Birla School Kankarbagh, is a joint collaboration between Mr. Rajesh Singh, Mrs. Neeta Singh, a British NRI, and Dr. Reinhold Michalak, an M.I.T and TU Berlin scientist from Germany.

Mr. Singh and Dr. Michalak are now permanent residents of Patna and their mission is to offer with this school a significant and meaningful contribution to all in Patna. Their aim is to match up with the western education level and prepare students likewise so that they get admission in the future in any of the top universities of India and abroad.

Open Minds Kankarbagh offers comprehensive solutions for education that envelopes the individual's learning period right from early years to K-12 schooling to university years. Open Minds - A Birla School, focuses on providing education that nurtures India's tomorrow.

Open Minds - A Birla School Kankarbagh addresses the needs of the 21st Century by preparing individuals who are highly skilled, innovative and sensitive to the economy, society and environment. The school achieves this goal by creating and implementing a world class K-12 curriculum that ensures that children are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, challenged and prepared for the rigors of the current century.

The School IT Team is led by Ashwin Singh.


At the heart of our organization is a remarkable team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about empowering learners and transforming education. We are driven by a shared vision of empowering students to reach their full potential and preparing them for success in a rapidly changing world. Meet the aspiring OMK Team


The school transport network is extensive as most of our students use the school transport facility. The bus service is available from all across Patna but the commute time is kept to a maximum of 1 hour. This is possible due to the number of buses plying on the same routes. We have around 100 buses running all the time. School buses are well-maintained, AC, GPS, speed monitoring. The students are under the supervision of an attendant throughout the journey for both picking and dropping. Our drivers and attendees are well-trained and understand the challenges of having children on board.


Open minds patna kankarbagh bus parking
Dispersal time of students of open minds patna


School Trips

Open minds kankarbagh patna school trip bus Open minds kankarbagh patna school trip bus


Open Minds Kankarbagh offers comprehensive solutions for education that envelopes the individual's learning period right from early years to K-12 schooling to university years. Open Minds - A Birla school Kankarbagh School, focuses on providing education that nurtures India's tomorrow.

For our next steps into the future, we are innovating once again with Eduletics. Due to the current infrastructure challenges here at the Open Minds Patna campus. We will be expanding by opening a new school, Eduletics School. The campus is bigger, and better with technological advancements providing easier education.


Dr. Reinhold Michalak, director Open Minds - A Birla School, Kankarbagh is a scientist by profession. He was a student and worked as a scientist at the M.I.T. Boston, USA and the TU Berlin Germany. In his 16 years of professional career in telecommunication and internet business, he made major contribution to the companies he worked for.

It's time to give the experience to the next generation, especially in Bihar, a state with one of the highest economic growth rates in the world. The future hotspot of globalization needs to be prepared with very well educated people who can cope with challenges that are definitely coming.


Mrs. Reshma Singh became a part of OMK in February 2014. She is a Masters in Labour and Social Welfare. At present she is pursuing her Masters in Education. A prominent and well known name in the field of education across the city, a role model for many teachers and a motherly guide for numerous students, she has always aimed and prioritised PERFECTION. She has a vast experience of 14 years in the field of education, out of which she has served as the School Coordinator of OMK for 5 years.

A mingle of contemporary and traditional personality, she completely envisions to help OMK establish new landmarks.


Education is a very dynamic process. Holding a single framework to achieve educational edification won’t give results all the time. Hence changes are needed looking at the demands of the present world. We, at OMK, believe in changes, changes that help travel to a much diverse era of growth and development, basically the era of improved academic structure.

With every passing day, a contemporary addition is noticed in the field of education. By the time the students adjust to the stable system, another introduction aiming at their development is put forward. Such quick transitions pose fear among the students and they tend to lose their ways. At OMK, we address and direct at preparing students to become intellectually proficient, spiritually oriented, willing to serve, committed to doing justice and open to further growth.

OMK has grown tremendously over the years and we firmly accredit we will continue providing a positive, safe and enlightening aura ensuring the multi-directional growth of the children. Creating and continuing with such an environment that will serve the purpose of motivating students to learn and achieve to the best of their abilities and simultaneously push to the greatest of potentials is our apex motive.

When we talk about achieving the aforesaid motive, it will be impossible if we don’t have a team that is envisioned and dedicated to students’ development. We are very fortunate to be in the possession of a team that envisages the necessity of the hour and perform accordingly.

To conclude, I just wish to asseverate that we prepare and train students to become intellectually aware citizens, critical thinkers, environment lovers and sensitive human beings. Also one important attribute that we try to inculcate is to set their fears aside so that they can transmute themselves into self-assured beings.

Yours in education


Mrs. Reshma Singh